Kink & Link's Story


Welcome to Kink & Link, where we celebrate individuality, self-expression, and the beauty of healthy sexuality. Our mission is DEDICATED TO REDEFINING EMPOWERMENT, by empowering every human, regardless of age, shape, or identity, on their journey towards self-acceptance and confidence.

About Us

Established in Seattle, WA in 2018, Kink & Link is more than just a lingerie brand; we're a movement. Proudly owned by a local, black woman entrepreneur, we've cultivated a vibrant community of creatives, partners, and brand ambassadors. Through collaborations, events, and photoshoots, we've fostered an inclusive space where all are celebrated.

Empowering Your Journey

At Kink & Link, empowerment isn't just a buzzword – it's our guiding principle. We believe in providing a safe, welcoming environment for the kink community to embrace their authentic selves. Beyond our products, we're committed to creating a supportive community where individuals can flourish and thrive.

Thoughtfully Curated Collections

Our lingerie, swimwear, and sleepwear collections are carefully curated from ethical sources. We're proud to introduce 'REPREVE' recycled fabrics into our range, reflecting our commitment to sustainability. Each piece is selected with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring you receive luxurious, high-quality garments that empower you to feel confident and stylish.

Luxury Redefined

Elevate your wardrobe with our luxurious offerings. From lingerie to swimwear, each item is designed with your comfort, style, and confidence in mind. We believe in the transformative power of feeling your best, and our collection is here to make that a reality.

Join Us! Interested in becoming a part of our movement? Email us at to learn more about our brand ambassador program and partnership opportunities. Thank you for choosing Kink & Link. Together, let's celebrate the beauty of embracing oneself and creating a world where healthy sexuality knows no boundaries.

With love and empowerment,

Kink & Link